With many New Zealand drainage systems constructed over 50 years ago, they are showing serious signs of wear and tear as the population grows. Most councils now require new developments and house renovations to include detention tanks. A storm water detention tank 'detains' or slows the release of storm water from your property, and in particular your roof, through the provision of an on-site water tank. Detention tanks can also be used to retain water as retention tanks.



Tanksalot® retention and detention water tanks are stylish, discreet and work well in restricted areas within the New Zealand urban and rural environments.

Slim Corrugated Water TankThe traditional Tanksalot® corrugated slim water tank is an iconic choice when space permits.

Round Corrugated Water Tank

The traditional Tanksalot® corrugated round water tank is an iconic choice when space permits.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Tanksalot® Stainless Water Tanks are made from Marine Grade 316, are fire resistant and have a lifetime guarantee.

Steel Raised Garden Beds

Tanksalot® raised steel garden beds provide a convenient and elegant solution to creating a new landscaping feature.




Along with a great working relationship with Local Councils, Tanksalot® maintain a portfolio of happy clients also.

  • I wholeheartedly acclaim Tanksalot for their service and their product. My new tank sits proudly in the back garden as if it’s always been there – and is already saving me money and paying itself back. It feeds water into my toilet and washing machine, as well as being very useful in the garden. This company should win medals for customer and product satisfaction. Thanks a lot Tanksalot!
    – Fern Mercier, Auckland
  • When renovating our Devonport Villa the City Council required us to install a water tank. We were horrified at the thought of a big round plastic blob in our back yard. Tanksalot had a great range of slim-line 3,000L tanks which matched our existing weather-board colour. Many of our friends have commented on its aesthetics as the corrugated iron complements the corrugated roof – you barely know it’s there!
    – Conal from, Devonport