Unlike expensive underground concrete tanks or plastic tanks where one size fits all, Tanksalot® water tanks are above the ground and can be custom-made to fit any area and can be used in a number of innovative ways.

Our slimline water tanks are designed for narrow spaces next to your home or for areas with limited space, and our round corrugated rainwater tanks are ideal for larger properties with more space. All our Tanksalot® stainless steel water tanks have low maintenance costs, are fire resistant, and come with a virtually unlimited service life. Our slimline and round water tanks can also be used as raised garden beds or for storing garden tools.

Tanksalot Slim tank

Built for narrow spaces alongside your home or other restricted areas. Available up to 10,000 litres.

Tanksalot Round

Ideal for larger properties where space and access are unobstructed. From 500 litres up to 24,500 litres.

Tanksalot Stainless Steel SS 316 Marine Grade

Stainless steel tanks great for coastal environment.

Tanksalot Garden Beds

Steel raised garden beds are an elegant and simple solution for your garden.

Tanksalot Sheds

Perfect for housing those garden tools, childrens bikes and summer toys!

Tanksalot Square Tanks

Perfect compact areas, capacity upto 7000 litres, available in a range of colours to match your home