Tanksalot® Garden Ponds are practical, strong and good looking.

Tanksalot® Garden Pond in the garden is a serene feature that’s easy to create. It can bring new varieties of plants to a backyard and be a showcase for fish.


Manufactured here in New Zealand, you can rely on quality.



1.5 diameter x .500 high   $580.00  inc GST

1.0 diameter x .500 high   $498.00  inc GST

**All ponds come with an outlet for easy cleaning.**


Selecting Plants

Aquatic plants filter pond water by absorbing metals, ammonium, nitrates, and phosphates while adding oxygen.
Positioning plants around the outside of a pond provide shade and shelter for fish.


Choosing fish

Fish thrive best in a habitat that is similar to their natural environments like Koi, goldfish, rainbows and mountain minnows.
Unlike Koi that can demolish plants and grow too big for a small area, goldfish find comfort living among submerged plants as the leaves protect them from attacks by birds. They also eat the eggs of mosquitoes that may otherwise flourish.

Aerating the water

Buy a pump that circulates the water at least every two hours.
‘The only time you don’t need one is if the pond has a lot of water plants to use up the unwanted nutrients and if there are only a few small fish such as minnows and rainbow fish.’
Select a pump that will deliver the required flow rate, measured in litres per hour, and one with a suitable head height, which is the ability to push water uphill if required. If an outside powerpoint needs to be installed, have it wired by a qualified electrician.