Tanksalot® Slimline Tanks that are thin steel tanks gives you the freedom to select the width, length and height of your tank to suit.

Our slimline stainless steel water tanks are built for narrow spaces with limited access, and are ideal for the sides of houses or fences. Available in a range of popular colours, Tanksalot® slimline corrugated rainwater tanks come with a corrosion and construction warranty, and have internal stainless steel bracing for maximum strength and durability. With their rigid cross-bracing system, these water tanks won’t bulge or bow, and our slimline tanks can hold up to 7.090 litres of water.

Contact one of the experienced and knowledgeable team at Tanksalot® today to find out which slimline rainwater tank is right for you. We will deliver and install your quality water tank on time and to budget.


Benefits of a Tanksalot® Slimline Tank

  • Narrow shape, can fit in a small space making these tanks thin tanks
  • Rigid cross bracing system, won’t bulge or bow
  • Modern look
  • Capacity up to 7,090L
  • Available in a range of sizes.