Rain Harvesting

Did you know that you drink only 5 per cent of your highly refined drinking water, yet you are paying for the other 95 per cent to be treated to the highest drinking standards, just to flush the toilet, take a shower or do your laundry?

As in other countries, it is now important for those of us living in urban areas to consider installing a raintank and Tanksalot can supply these in a wide array of designs, sizes, colours and positioning. In New Zealand Tank water can be used for watering the garden, cleaning the house, car and dog, or you may feel that using water free from your roof would be great to use in the toilet and laundry.

Some of you may even want the option of keeping your tank water at a drinkable standard to use instead of city supply. This can really slash your water bills and help to minimise difficulties with possible water shortages, increased charges and regulations in the future.

We can help you now… Want to drink quality rainwater? Give us call.