We are often asked for Building Information Modelling (BIM) components by professionals.

We can see how useful BIM is for bringing together project information from all product suppliers, consultants, engineers, builders and designers into one 3d virtual building model. We have our BIM components, available in Revit 2012.rfa and Autocad.DWG formats on request. Please Contact Us and we will send you what you require.


What is BIM?
BIM (Building Information Model) is a virtual building model used by all project stakeholders for design, construction and management of a given built environment. For architects and Engineers this can mean a 3D Virtual building model in which architecture, structure, and services are designed, analysed and co-ordinated in preparation for construction. For contractors, this information is then utilised for costing, and construction scheduling and finally the information is passed along to building owners for facility management purposes.

In short, BIM integrates and simplifies existing procedures, saving time and money for all project participants by maintaining interoperability and a single source of information about the building for its entire lifecycle from inception to demolition.


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